Fashion for Education

Fashion for Education

Making education possible!

Each and every FFORE article is made to help make education possible. Not only by supporting the initiatives to eradicate illiteracy but also through working together with organizations, which offer women a work & learn environment. One of our examples is Soaud, a special woman who gives deaf women a chance to learn the trade of leather working in her workshop. We also work with women & organizations SanaeKhalida and Zohra, who weave the Mendil fabric in a traditional manner. And we are developing new cooperation with other special women and organizations.

We support these initiatives by offering you beautiful fashion items, often named to these women/organizations. With the purchase of your FFORE product you support these wonderful women and projects. 



Our products are inspired by different natural materials, as well as the beautiful colors and craftsmanship. Fabrics and traditional prints are brought to life in our products. We also use remnants like leather and denim in a number of our handmade articles. We source the remnants from companies who believe in helping to prevent waste and sustainable entrepreneurship.

We work primarily with fabric and materials like wool, denim, leather and reed. The materials we use are sourced from different regions in Morocco, where they have been grown or produced for hundreds of years in a traditional manner. Some of our articles contain fabric from other parts of the world. One important fabric is Mendil. This fabric is woven in the traditional way and is used in almost all of the FFORE articles. This way traditional prints and fabrics are given a new life. We do this by creating contemporary products – linking the best of the different worlds.

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